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The Line Manager Academy is an exciting, new, and affordable learning and development provider that focuses on improving Line Manager capability with proven ROI.

We have found that Line Managers are often under-developed, struggle to manage staff, and can often feel overwhelmed. We set up the Line Manager Academy as a clear and effective way to achieve increased confidence and improve outcomes relating to managing people. 

Investing in Line Manager training has clear benefits for both the individuals and the organisation. 

There is a substantial body of research showing a link between more positive forms of people management or leadership and greater engagement among employees(CIPD, 2021).

According to the ‘Harvard Business Review’ and ‘Engage for Success’ engaged employees are 21% more productive, see 48% fewer safety incidents, and are more innovative leading to competitive advantage. Engaged workplaces have 18% higher productivity and 40% lower attrition rates.  

The Line Manager Academy training approach offers a full package of support that is unique to us and promises to have the greatest impact.


  • 6 Essential Line Manager Masterclasses

  • Masterclass Handbook 

  • Ongoing support from Mentors



The programme is delivered online and is open to anyone to join.

Business customers have the choice of masterclasses being delivered Face to Face or Online as requested.

Our masterclasses can help develop management teams of any size from any industry.

Everyone who completes the programme will be invited to sign a pledge of personal commitment to put into practice what they learn. They are then eligible to become a member of our community where they can access further tools and resources plus peer and expert mentoring. The certificate can be added to the CV to demonstrate competence to prospective employers.


Our vision is quite simply to develop line managers to become the best people manager they can be. 

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