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Masterclass Descriptions


Employment Law Masterclass

Do you know enough about employment law to make sure you and your employees are in compliance with all the latest rules and regulations?


This masterclass offers essential knowledge and understanding of employee rights, company policies, and laws governing discrimination, working time, and family-friendly policies.

Don't just go with the flow, take control of the situation. Learn to stay informed of the latest regulations so that everyone in the workplace is comfortable and compliant.

Don't miss this opportunity to up your management skills. Register today and unlock the essentials of employment law.

Employment Law Masterclass Description
Discipline & Grievane Masterclass Description

Discipline & Grievance Masterclass

Running an effective workplace can be a challenging task. Management must have a strong grasp on the protocols, principles and practices that support effective resolution of workplace disputes. That's why we offer a Discipline and Grievance Masterclass, designed to give management the insights, tools and know-how to get it right every time. 

We’ll guide you through each step of the process, and help you gain a thorough understanding of the legal and moral responsibilities that go along with running a healthy and productive workplace. Make sure that grievances and conflicts are resolved in the most efficient way possible, and keep the workplace atmosphere productive and professional.

Join our Discipline and Grievance Masterclass to ensure that the right call is made and a positive relationship is restored between employer and employee.


Performance Management Masterclass

Maximise employee performance and help ensure your team's success with our Performance Management Masterclass. Covering everything from KPIs, to SMART objectives, to succession planning and career management, our workshop helps align individual goals with your organisation's overall objectives and provides a path to optimal performance.

Unlocking peak performance potential leads to improved team dynamics, better workflow and productivity, and a strong sense of accomplishment across your organisation. With this Masterclass, you'll have the tools and knowledge you need to set your team up for success.

Invest in the performance of your team by signing up for our Performance Management Masterclass today.

Absence Management Masterclass

Absence from work due to health-related reasons can present difficult management challenges, however, this masterclass will empower managers with the know-how to support and help their staff navigate their way through short and long-term absences.


Learn to identify triggers that suggest poor attendance requires management intervention and how to get staff back to work with reasonable adjustments.

With the proper guidance, managers will gain the necessary skills to respond effectively and professionally to staff absences. Through hands-on activities, thought-provoking discussions and in-depth learning about managing absences, this masterclass is the key to managing and balancing effective absence management.

Equip yourself with the expertise to confidently manage attendance and absences in your organisation. Register for the Absence Management Masterclass now.

Performance Management Masterclass Description
Absence Management Masterclass Description

Employee Engagement Masterclass

As a Line Manager, it’s in your hands to help employees feel connected and truly part of something. Understanding the impact of disengagement and the importance of being in tune with how your team is feeling, is the first step to unlocking potential and empowering performance.

Our employee engagement masterclass provides invaluable insight and practical tools to help you achieve engagement goals in your team. Uncover powerful, effective strategies to actively monitor and support the engagement of your people and ensure their well-being is at the core of their work.

Take advantage of this learning opportunity and register for the employee engagement masterclass today.

Difficult Conversations Masterclass

Have you ever faced the fear of an angry or messy confrontation in the workplace? In this masterclass, we will tackle even the toughest of conversations with tools and tips on how to effectively manage difficult conversations and create a more positive work environment.

Whether you are an experienced manager or just starting out, gain confidence and equip yourself with the knowledge and skill sets to tackle difficult conversations. From understanding how to prepare and what to do during the conversation to effectively following up on the conversation and managing a win-win outcome, this Masterclass is here to guide you in those times when you need it most.

Sign up for the Difficult Conversations Masterclass today and build your skills for mastering the trickiest conversations.

Employee Engagement Masterclass Description
Difficult Conversations Masterclass Description

Who's behind the scenes?


Theresa Mayne, FCIPD

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Founder of Line Manager Academy, Contract HRM, and the HR Helpline

Theresa Mayne is a veteran of the HR world and has spent 20+ years designing and delivering training to the HR and Line Management communities. One of the well-researched facts is that arguably the single most important job role in any organisation is the Line Manager. You will learn why this is as you work through the masterclasses.

Theresa created the Line Manager Academy to provide an effective toolkit for Line Managers to become great people managers. 70% of the learning that we offer is developed on the job, through experience and practice. This is why Theresa has developed an additional wrap-around support system for line managers after they complete the masterclasses. They will have access to ongoing professional mentoring from Theresa and her team of like-minded experts.

Theresa has worked with big brands over the years and is a well-established, trusted mentor within the HR and Line Management communities.


We offer bespoke packages to suit your team's needs. Contact us to learn more or to request a quote.

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