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Whether you are a new Line Manager or a well-seasoned one, this book will take you through all of the most essential people management tools you will need to really thrive as a people manager. This will help you to develop your personal brand and a reputation as a great manager which will enable you to climb the career ladder more quickly.


It covers:


  • Employment Law (England and Wales)
  • Discipline & Grievance
  • Performance Management
  • Managing Absence
  • Employee Engagement
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Employee Motivation


108 pages of critical business skills in an easy to understand format and packed full of examples, tips and tricks to develop your people management skills. You will learn how to manage difficult staff and how to get the best out of staff.


See what some of our customers say:


“A great way and safe space to ensure your line managers are acting in accordance with legislation as well as picking up some useful tips to help them effectively manage teams. Theresa has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, sign up to LMA, its an excellent investment, you will not regret it.”


“LMA was extremely useful, thought provoking and had many tangible resources and methods that I have been able to put into practice after session 1!”


“Really engaging, useful training. Sessions packed full of top tips, best practice and empower managers to act with confidence and with their organisation's best interests at heart. Fantastic training and would recommend for any line manager.”

People Management Book

SKU: ISBN9781399950619
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