Some days, being a Line Manager can be really tough!
Have you ever felt like this...

...then you are in the right place!

Whether you are new to managing people or you're a seasoned Line Manager, good quality people management training is essential.

We focus on empowering Line Managers by providing effective training and wrap-around support to help them increase their confidence and improve outcomes relating to managing the staff that report into them.

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The journey starts with the formal masterclasses that are delivered online in short, manageable sessions. The Masterclass handbook covers all the topics and content so learners can refresh their memory at any time.


Complete the masterclasses and join us! This is a closed community packed full of additional material such as podcasts and webcasts on topical subjects. Here, members also have access to peer support, so they are never alone dealing with a situation back in the workplace.


We can deliver a unique business evaluation designed to prove how effective our training and expertise will be to your business. Our highly trained consultant will offer advice on engaging the right stakeholders to support your Line Managers and will assist you with identifying metrics that can be monitored at key milestones so that you can demonstrate a return on your investment.


The core of any business is its outstanding management team. Investing in the development of Line Managers is arguably one of the most important investments you will make. You can book individuals onto our open program or whole teams can be given a dedicated cohort. Read more about our corporate offerings and if you’d like to set up an introductory meeting, get in touch with us today!


We’ve worked hard to develop our range of 6 online masterclasses that at only £120 (inc VAT) per masterclass, are effective, yet affordable. Our practical and straightforward approach allows participants to begin applying their new skills straight away. Our learning model is unique and has been created for managers of all ages and experience levels in any industry.

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Dr. Doreen Miller
(Employee Engagement)

We thought that your Masterclass was really excellent. Great agenda, great slides, and a great process. I am amazed at how you spoke fluently for 2 hours.


CT - Oxford
(Managing Absence)

I have learned that I need to be less nice! Hopefully we can change the culture and put things in place so that we do not lose so many [sickness] days each year.


KW - Bicester
(Employment Law)

a) I have more knowledge to make informed decisions
b) Pupils will have the best opportunities
c) I can give the right advice

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